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Mind, World, and Knowledge

First year Introductory Course, Carleton University

An introduction to philosophical issues concerning mind, language, knowledge and the world. We will take a look at the following questions: What is the nature of philosophical inquiry? What makes a good argument? Can you know if there is a world outside your mind and, if so, how? Is the mind able to casually influence the body and, if so, how? Is the mind a physical thing? Is artificial intelligence possible? Where is the mind and where are you? Who are you? Do you have an identity that exists over time? What is the nature of knowledge and how do we acquire it? What do we know when we know a language?

Situated Cognition

Fourth year Undergraduate Seminar, McGill University

Situated cognition is an umbrella term for several related views about the mind that have emerged over the last several decades including embodied, embedded, extended and distributed views of the mind. In this course we will explore two of these views in depth as well as consider some of the major objections to each. To do this we will need to understand traditional ‘internalist’ views of cognition that these new theories run up against, as well as clarify some important terminology, such as what we mean when we speak of ‘mindedness’ and ‘mentality’. This will constitute the first of four course sections. In the final three sections we will introduce externalist and situated views of cognition, and look at arguments for and against two of these theories: the embodied mind thesis and the extended mind thesis.


Autonomy and Moral Responsibility

Neuroethics, Neuroscience Program, McGill University: Winter 2017

Philosophy of Language

McGill University: Winter 2016

Critical Neuroscience

Department of Psychiatry, McGill University: Summer 2015.

Philosophy of Mind

McGill University: Fall 2014. Fall 2011.

History and Philosophy of Cognitive Science

McGill University: Winter 2015.

Introduction to Philosophy

McGill University: Fall 2013, Winter 2012.