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Upcoming Talks


September 2017. Workshop on Artificial Agency and Collective Intelligence, hosted by the Centre for the Future of Intelligence at Cambridge University.


February 2018. Colloquium Series, Department of Philosophy, Carleton University

Selected Presentations

2017 February – NSCI 300: Neuroethics, Neuroscience Program, McGill University

2016 November – McGill Philosophy Workshop Series

2016 September – Minds Online Conference, hosted by Brains Blog

2016 April – 22nd Science of Consciousness Conference, Centre for Consciousness Studies, University of Arizona. Abstract (pdf)

2016 March – “Academic Day”, Students Association of Cognitive Science and Neuroscience Undergraduates of McGill University

2016 January – Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Washington D.C. Program (pdf)

2015 October – Research Colloquium on Consciousness & Cognition, Institute for Philosophy II, Ruhr University, Bochum

2015 January – Masterclass in Theoretical Philosophy with Professor David Chalmers, University of Tübingen

2014 April – 20th Anniversary Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference, Centre for Consciousness Studies at the University of ArizonaAbstract (pdf)

2014 May – Sixth Workshop on the Philosophy of Information, Society for the Philosophy of Information, Duke University
2013 October – Philosopher’s Cocoon Philosophy Conference, University of Tampa

2010 February – Southwestern Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, University of Central Oklahoma

2010 April – Society for Student Philosopher’s Annual Conference, University of Texas at Austin

2009 April – First Annual Philosophy Undergraduate Research Conference, University of Toronto

2009 March – School of Thought Undergraduate Conference on Free Will and Determinism, University of Western Ontario