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Upcoming Talks

Workshop on Mind and Value

March 2017. Quebec’s inter-university research group on normativity, Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire sur la normativé (GRIN)

Autonomy and Moral Responsibility

February 2017. NSCI 300: Neuroethics, Neuroscience Program, McGill University

Selected Presentations

2016 November – McGill Philosophy Workshop Series

2016 September – Minds Online Conference, hosted by Brains Blog

2016 April – 22nd Science of Consciousness Conference, Centre for Consciousness Studies, University of Arizona. Abstract (pdf)

2016 January – Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Washington D.C. Program (pdf)

2015 October – Research Colloquium on Consciousness & Cognition, Institute for Philosophy II, Ruhr University, Bochum

2015 January – Masterclass in Theoretical Philosophy with Professor David Chalmers, University of Tübingen

2014 April – 20th Anniversary Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference, Centre for Consciousness Studies at the University of ArizonaAbstract (pdf)

2014 May – Sixth Workshop on the Philosophy of Information, Society for the Philosophy of Information, Duke University
2013 October – Philosopher’s Cocoon Philosophy Conference, University of Tampa

2010 February – Southwestern Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, University of Central Oklahoma

2010 April – Society for Student Philosopher’s Annual Conference, University of Texas at Austin

2009 April – First Annual Philosophy Undergraduate Research Conference, University of Toronto

2009 March – School of Thought Undergraduate Conference on Free Will and Determinism, University of Western Ontario