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I am a doctoral candidate at McGill University working with supervisors Ian Gold and David Davies. My doctoral research was funded in part by an award from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. I received a B.A. Honours with high distinction in philosophy and political science from the University of Toronto.

My primary philosophical interests are in contemporary analytic philosophy of mind and philosophy of cognitive science. My doctoral research investigated the metaphysical commitments of the extended mind thesis, which maintains that our mental states might be partially instantiated by physical states beyond our brain and body (as advanced by philosophers Andy Clark and David Chalmers 1998).

In my recent work I have been dealing with questions about the normativity of belief and the possibility of extended beliefs. I also work on other situated views of cognition (including embodied and distributed theories), group and social cognition, and consciousness. I have further research interests in moral philosophy, legal philosophy, and philosophy of neuroscience.